How to reduce the appearance of wrinkles naturally

Expensive creams and serums are snapped up every hour by men and women desperate to reclaim youthful looking skin. People are researching the science of anti-aging. Wrinkles have appeared around their eyes and lips and they think it will take a costly miracle to get smooth-looking skin once more. Some consumers go to greater lengths, booking face lifts and chemical peels which come with a big price tag and potential risks. In reality, these consumers might just need to learn about what causes wrinkles and turn some lifestyle habits around. Natural ingredients will help them fight wrinkles and would certainly help their daughters prevent premature aging. Here are some tips for reducing one of the most frustrating forms of skin damage.

Preventing Wrinkles

Firstly, do what you can to prevent wrinkles from starting or worsening. The simplest methods — the ones your mother told you about — are still the best. Don’t frown. Get enough sleep. Stop stressing out about things. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Quit smoking and reduce consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Some of these fixes are easier said than done, but they truly affect the health of your skin and every other part of your body.A woman's face showing anti-aging effects

Drink more water: few people get enough. By hydrating from the inside you replenish moisture to your skin. Good hydration shines through and also makes your body work properly. A body out of whack becomes sick and the first place sickness shows up is on your skin. This is also true of a healthy body. Promote healthy skin by eating an excellent diet filled with vitamins, minerals, and good fats. If you need to take a supplement to enhance nutrition, choose one which contains Vitamin E for fresh-looking skin. Vitamin A will help maintain collagen levels too.

Wear sun screen and a hat to prevent excessive sun exposure. Sun damage causes discoloration, dryness, and wrinkles.

Ingredients that Work

There are a few key words to look for if you plan to buy over-the-counter wrinkle remedies. One of them is retinol. It really does work, but check out reviews of products before spending $80 on a few ounces of skin cream. Some products sold for half the price do wonders. Peptides, ceramides, and antioxidants are also effective wrinkle-fighting agents. Serums and creams should contain one or a combination of these elements. Perfume is not essential and could irritate your skin. Although OTC remedies can be very effective, do not be duped into paying too much. Often the only difference between expensive products and more affordable ones is a brand name.

The Pantry Solution

Much of what you need to fight wrinkles can be found in the kitchen. You probably possess at least a couple of the ingredients naturopaths, dermatologists, and good-old-grandma recommend for healthy skin. These include foods you eat and foods which can be turned into topical pastes you apply at home.

For instance, honey is a natural anti-inflammatory. Apply this to your skin mixed with healthy oil such as olive, grape seed, sunflower, or almond. Choose an antioxidant such as maple syrup instead. Apply Vitamin E directly to creases around lips and eyes.

Exfoliate your skin. Although it will sting a little at first, exfoliating skin removes dead cells, allows pores to breathe, cleans them out, and also initiates a response from your blood cells to send fresh trauma-fighting cells to the surface. This promotes cellular re-growth and renewal or maintenance of elasticity. Natural exfoliants include crushed walnut shells and lemon juice. Lemon juice is an acid, not unlike the kind found in a skin peel, but lemon juice is milder, safer, and cheaper. Keep it away from your eyes and apply to a small area at first. Ensure your skin is not too sensitive before covering your whole face.

Eat foods high in antioxidants, Vitamin A (for collagen), and Vitamin E. Carrots are said to contain lots of Vitamin A. Green tea and some herbal teas are also excellent sources of antioxidants. Try fresh berries in your oatmeal. Consume enough healthy fats like avocado, sunflowers, pumpkin seeds, fish, and nuts.


Your body is always seeking to restore balance and few people manage a balanced lifestyle. When things go wrong, they tend to fight the symptoms rather than the causes and will often spend money on complicated formulae when what they need are simple solutions. Natural remedies for wrinkles are not just good for skin; they are good for overall health. You start to see that how and what you put into or on your body is important to the way your entire body functions, from deep within to the very surface.

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